Glossary of Terms

We have a wide choice of arm options available with most of our chairs to suit different user and application preferences and their main characteristics are described below.

Fixed Arms
FA – a “hoop” arm.

Height Adjustable Arms (HAA)
The height of the arms can be raised or lowered to suit individual requirements by adjusting a conveniently located button below the arm pad.

Height and Twist (HAT)
In addition to vertical adjustment described above with height adjustable arms the arm pads can be raised and twisted inwards or outwards. This is a useful feature for enabling the user to get closer to the work surface for certain tasks.

Fore and Aft (AFT)
These arms are vertically height adjustable and in addition the arm pads can be slid forwards or back on a ratchet mechanism so the ideal level of support can be obtained for any task and enables the user to get closer to the workstation for certain applications.

Fold Down (FDA)
The arms are height adjustable by means of a button located on the side of the arm support and in addition can be folded down 90 degrees by a second lower button. When in this position the arms are totally folded away to have the same effect as a chair without arms. This is a particularly useful feature to aid access onto and from the seat and also where a lot of keyboard tasks are being undertaken and the arms might not be required during such tasks. It also means that the chairs can be pushed fully under the work surface when not in use.

Height and Width (HAW)
As well as being height adjustable these arms can be adjusted for width by means of a lever located under the seat and then locked off in the desired position. It is a particularly useful function where extra space is required between the arm supports.

Multifunctional Arms (4DA)
The arms can be raised or lowered (height adjustable), and the arm pads can be moved to the left and right (width adjusted), and forwards and backwards to suit individual requirements.

Universal Arms (UA)
These arms are multi-functional. The arms are height adjustable and can also be adjusted for width both on the seat and on the arm pad. The seat width adjustment (30mm) is made by means of a lever located under the seat and then locked off in the desired position. In addition the arm pads can be moved left to right affording a further 30mm of adjustment. The arm pads can also be moved fore and aft as described above under (AFT) arm.

Normal industry standard commercial castors will be fitted unless otherwise specified. Special castors are available for particular applications.

Hard floor castors, suitable for tiled and wood floors. These castors have a softer feel, are less abrasive and most importantly reduce the level of noise when being moved over the surface compared to standard castors.

Brake loaded castors. The castors lock in position holding the chair firm when sitting in the chair.

Brake unloaded castors. The castors are locked when weight is taken off the chair preventing chairs being repositioned when not being used.

Locking castors that have a manual lever on the castor to be activated as desired by the user.

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