e2 Desking System

The Infinitely Height Adjustable
Furniture Solution

e2 is more than just a comprehensive desking range. With a unique infinitely height adjustable coupling system, it is one of the most versatile office furniture systems available.

e2 Desking System

The shared component system that grows with your company needs

e2 differs from most systems because the work surface can be fixed at any specified height to suit the individual user. It is possible to have different height surfaces next to each other, and importantly, if a change is required to accommodate another member of staff, this can be done without disrupting the rest of the workstation.

Reception Desks

e2 effortlessly lends itself to different work environments and can be used from front of house receptions to open work areas, meeting rooms and executive suites.


Each desk and workstation cluster is supported by stylish aluminium legs and brackets, and whilst light in weight, provides immense strength in support. The leg forms the basis of the shared component system providing eight continuous channels, able to accommodate numerous brackets, screens and accessories.


From open plan to the executive office. The e2 system has a number of additional meeting extensions allowing for easily configurable, multi use, executive office desking.


The e2 gantry system has been designed for use in a multitude of installations for both indoor and outdoor use. Typical indoor applications are boardrooms, theatres, lecture halls, public information areas, exhibitions, shop fitting etc. However, as the system is aluminium based, it does not rust so can be used outdoors too, and whether the application is for TV screens, notice boards, signage or lighting the e2 gantry system has the answer.


From wall panelling to work walls the e2 system has it covered. Choose any material from our standard MFC’s, to wood veneer, glass or marble. Customise the material you need for applications from office to reception and corridors to hotel rooms.

e2 more than just a desking system

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