Rose Castle is a fortified house in Cumbria, England, on a site that was home to the bishops of Carlisle from 1230 to 2009. It is within the parish of Dalston, 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from Dalston itself.  Although not open to the public, may be viewed from the nearby road, or the public footpath from Rosebank to Raughton Head. Although it looks Victorian, it has parts dating from many centuries, the oldest being the pele tower – Strickland’s Tower, of 1340, which is probably built on the site of an earlier Motte and Bailey.

Originally the castle was built round four sides of a central courtyard, though two sides of this has now gone. Bishop Strickland’s Tower was burnt, with much of the rest of the castle, by parliamentary troops in 1648 during the Civil War. It was restored in the 1760’s, and then more substantially for Bishop Percy by Anthony Salvin in 1852.